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Bo Peshewa Organization for Human Development held a Workshop to evaluate the work of Takalami website on 11.28.2016 for a period of three days in Ankawa – Erbil, the workshop was attended by representatives from the Free Press Unlimited (Laura Adder and John). The workshop and seminar and later the evaluation of the workshop and website was managed by (Noemi Bertomeu) from (Aobora) company.

Several journalists and journalists were invited who were trained to write in the website Takalami in previous workshops that took place in February this year, in addition many of those who were interested in the site and its shareholders who did not participate in the previous workshop attended the evaluation workshops.

All attendees praised the importance of this site and its active role in supporting Iraqi women through spreading awareness and guidance and support, to overcome the obstacles imposed on them by society and other circumstances that they face in life. The moderators of the website has vowed to continue to develop the website and add new mechanisms to enable it to deliver support to the largest number of women in Iraq and the world.

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