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The ambassador of human rights in the kingdom of the Netherlands Mr. Kees Van Bar visited Bo Peshewa organization for human development, with the envoy from the Dutch consulate, consul general Janet Alberda, and assistant general consular affairs Mr. Aram Abdullah with an envoy from the European Union, in the presence of officials from Rasan oganization director of the organization Ms. Tania Kamal, the deputy director of programs. The ambassador and his accompanying envoy was briefed on the organization’s sections and the way the organization functions as well as the content of the publishing line adopted by the website TAKALAMI. Which was established with the support of Free Press Unlimited, as well as the training center of the organization, and the numerous community serving activities that the center provides. The ambassador praised the major role of these activities in the process of building and supporting all layers of society in all respects .He also visited Al-Mahaba Radio, one of the organization’s activities, and made an interview in the radio on Human Rights, in which he confirms the need to respect human rights and the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and that society can not flourish with the existence of discrimination based on race or creed or tendencies.

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