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The Head of the EU (European Union) Delegation and Heads of all 13 EU Member State Embassies accredited to the Republic of Iraq call upon all Iraqi political leaders to engage urgently in peaceful dialogue.



The 14 EU Heads of Mission are deeply concerned with the current political situation in the country and reiterate their support to all efforts made by the three Presidencies and all political leaders in Parliament to find a peaceful and sustainable way forward.


Respect for Human Rights is critical, particularly at this sensitive time: the democratic rights of the people to express themselves freely and peacefully on the streets are vital as part of Iraq’s reform programme.


The 14 EU Heads of Mission call upon all Iraqi political leaders to engage urgently in peaceful dialogue to address differences that are hampering the proper functioning of the Parliament.  They urge all Iraqi Parliamentarians to meet in Parliament to deliver on the anti-corruption drive and the political and economic reforms demanded by the Iraqi people. It is vital that the collective Iraqi leadership show readiness to lead the country towards sustainable solutions and reconciliation at this crucial time in Iraq’s history. This can only be achieved through unity, compromise and cooperation, with the view to fulfil the needs of the whole Iraqi people as a main priority. Effective reform can only occur if and when Iraqi institutions can operate in a safe environment.


Finally, the EU Heads of Mission recall the EU’s extensive humanitarian and financial assistance to Iraq and its people, towards national reconciliation, stabilization and reconstruction. EU Member States also recall their efforts, as part of the International Coalition, to support all Iraqi forces fighting against Daesh(ISIS).

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